Impact Martial Arts of Coweta
314 N.Broadway-918.384.8393 Coweta, Wagoner, and Broken Arrow

About Impact Martial Arts

Impact has been in Coweta, serving the Broken Arrow, Haskell, Porter, Stone Bluff, and Wagoner areas, sense 1994, under the instruction of Joel Scrivner.  Over the years there have been several head instructors, but the goal of the school has never changed.  We hope to bring you quality martial arts instruction, that's affordable, and easy to understand.  We hope for students to learn valuable physical skills, while promoting positive mental skills that may help you far beyond your martial arts training.  The goal setting process teaches one how to set attainable goals, strive towards them in a positive way, and upon completion, cultivate one's next achievable goal. This system, along with the self-discipline and perseverance taught in martial arts studies, could make the difference in succeeding at school, one's home life, and at work.


What Impact Martial Arts offers now

Our traditional program uses a primarily Tae Kwon Do curriculum.  Our adult classes combine a fast paced workout with self-defense strategies, on and off the ground, boxing knowledge, joint locks, and submission tactics, and the technical aspects of traditional Tae Kwon Do.  The classes for younger students, focus more  heavily on character development, building self-esteem, and self-discipline; along with the same general knowledge as the older students, just presented in different ways.   These classes are designed to produce well rounded martial artists at any age.  They should produce excellent fitness results such as weight loss, toning, and increased agility and stamina. 

Tiny Tigers, for 3 to 6 year olds, also focuses heavily on character development, goal setting, fitness, and fun!  While also learning the basics of martial arts, broke up into easily achievable steps.

Impact Martial Arts Tae Kwon Do students are a part of the United TAeKwon Do Alliance (UTA).  The UTA offers rallies, training camps, quality tournaments, weekend training camps, and other kinds of martial arts events to UTA members.



Fitness Classes:



Zumba Dance Fitness classes are offered at Impact 4 days a week by a licensed Zumba instructor.  Dance your way into a healthier you.  Full description on the Zumba page.