Impact Martial Arts of Coweta
314 N.Broadway-918.384.8393 Coweta, Wagoner, and Broken Arrow

Delia Griffith
Owner/ Head of Instruction

Griffith 36, is a native resident of Coweta.  She has trained in Tae Kwon Do for twenty plus years and has been instructing at Impact for all but two of those years.  She is a fourth degree black belt, and certified black collar instructor.  She has been owner/ head of instruction at Impact Martial Arts since the beginning of 2009.  She is a mother of two, and hopes to help the community to raise responsible and caring young people by encouraging the character building qualities of the martial arts.  She also hopes by providing a place for so many types of fitness classes to take place in Coweta, to raise the overall health and fitness of her home town.  To reach Griffith call 918.384.8393 or send her a message at

Griffith's training accomplishments:

United Tae Kwon Do Alliance (UTA) Forms National Champion 2015 (4th degree up)
UTA Fighting Natonal Champion Runner Up 2015 (4th degree up)
International Open Style Invitational Tournament Gold Medalist in Fighting- Ocho Rios, Jamaica 1999

Tae Kwon Do Fighting National Champion in 1999
Tae Kwon Do Fighting National Champion in 1998
Tae Kwon Do Forms National Champion in 1998
Tae Kwon Do Forms Regional Champion 1999
Tae Kwon Do AMA Nationals winner in Fighting 2010
Tae Kwon Do AMA Nationals Runner up winner in Forms 2010
Tae Kwon Do Forms and Fighting runner-up National Champion in 2006
Natonal Championships qualifier 2011
Various local and regional competitions in Tae Kwon Do and Open tournaments

Teaching Accomplishments: Ut

UTA Forms National Champion 2nd Degree Black Belt (14- 15 Girls) 2017
UTA Forms and Fighting National Chamion 2nd Degree Black Belt (12- 13 Girls) 2016
UTA Fighting National Champion 1st Degree Black Belt (16-17 Girls) 2016
UTA Forms National Champion 1st Degree Black Belt (12- 13 Girls) 2015
Numerous UTA Color Belt National Champions in Forms and Fighting in Adv. Ranks
4 UTA National Championship Qualifiers 2014
Co-Instructed AMA Rally 2011- Nixa, Mo.
Two C.T.F. National Championship qualifiers in 2011

Teresa Shelton---------------------------Shelton's Photo
Assistant Instructor/ Office Manager
Shelton is a local business owner, of T and T Detail-Paint and Body, and is the mother of Delia Griffith.  She has been training on and off for 20 years.  She has recently tested and earned her 2nd degree black belt..  She helps at Impact at least one day a week, and handles new students intro. classes and in giving information to interested individuals.  She has always participated in Impact's events in the past.  She annually hosts Impact's Day Camp Field day at her home, supports affiliated schools by judging at their local tournaments, and took part in '09's AMA Ladies Camp, in Aug '09.  She has always helped out in whatever way Impact has needed her in the past, like donating her time and baking abilities in fundraising events, and supporting fellow students by judging and helping at testings.  You may reach Teresa at 918. 519. 2670.

Shelton's Training Accomplishments

Tae Kwon Do National Tournament- 1st place fighting 2000
U.S.T.L. National Championships 2011 2nd place fighting winner
Various local and regional Tae Kwon Do and open tournament wins.
CTF National Championship qualifier 2011