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Frequently Asked Questions
How often should I attend martial arts classes a week?

We recommend that the average student attend two to three classes a week, countered with practicing of new or difficult material in between.  This will allow the student to absorb the information and start to commit it to the memory of the body and the mind, before learning any new training concepts.  The more you practice the better you are.  Repetition is key to making something instinct.

Will I be in class with other beginners and people my age?

Impact Martial Arts has new white belts at any given time of the year in both the children and adult classes.  Most days have rank and age specific classes offered for the children.  White belts ( beginners) will be in class with other children that have been training for less than six months to a year, depending on each child's own rate of progress.  Adults have other novices in class with them also, but there are experienced students in class as well.  Pairing two beginners together can relieve a little of the tension that comes from being new and awkward, but having more experienced partners can also give new students valuable insight into how others have interpreted the training and put it to use.

Can Impact Martial arts get me ready for competition?

If you are interested is competing in Tae Kwon Do and against other traditional martial arts styles, we will prepare you for state, national, and even international levels of competition.  Delia Griffith is a three time, National Tae Kwon Do Champion, and and International Open Style gold medalist.   She will coach students in any way necessary to help them succeed in either forms or fighting competitions, based on the knowledge acquired, during the more than twenty years she has been competing and judging in tournaments.  

If full contact sporting events are your interest we can arrange for full contact kickboxing fights and exhibitions as well.

Will Martial Arts make my child overly aggressive?

The answer is no.  Martial arts training teaches discipline and control, with strict codes on violence.  The skills learned at Impact Martial Art are to be used for self-defense purposes only, and in the most serious of situations.  Students are taught to diffuse tense situations, but to be on guard should their skills be needed.  The added self-esteem and confidence building developed through martial arts training can help your child to be keep from being a victim of bullying.  Most children have no problem identifying the right time and place to use their training.

Will classes be safe?

Our classes are designed to push you to the limits of your own body, but not to abuse it.  Instructors are quick to warn on the dangers or activities with any risks involved, and take every precaution to keep accidents from happening.  If you have a previous injury or health concern, instructors should know, and help to give advice on how to modify exercises that may be an issue.  All classes are supervised by instructors certified in CPR and first aid training should there ever be a need for it.  Impact's training area is fully padded to help cushion joints, and protect against injuries during  falls.  Bottom line, accidents do happen, and martial arts is a contact sport, but at Impact Martial Arts we take every precaution seriously to protect our students from injury.

Why should I choose Martial Arts classes over other exercise programs?

Impact's classes are fun and full of excitement.  Our programs are high energy workouts, that channel that energy into a positive outlet and effectively relieve tension.  An added plus to this choice as an exercise program is the benefit of learning valuable self-defense skills.  We hope that none of our students ever have to use their training, but it is clear every day in the media that we live in a dangerous world.  Martial arts helps to prepare students in the event that something was to happen to them.  Just the alertness that comes with being prepared in any situation could save your life, by making you an undesirable target.  The self- defense skills learned as a martial artist may give you the edge physically over an attacker should you ever be an intended victim.  The self-esteem that is gained by training may also make a student hold themselves in a way as to say " don't mess with me", and may deter an attack.

If you have a question other than the ones covered feel free to contact Impact Martial Arts through one of these methods:
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